Knit Collage Cast Away

$ 39.99

Cast Away yarn comes in a gorgeous range of hand carded and handspun colors. In some colorways, over 10 fiber colors are all carefully carded together. The finished result is a beautiful melange of colors in a super soft thick and thin textured yarn.

Even though the raw materials are the same, no two skeins are completely alike because of the intense handmade process that goes into each and every skein. 

This yarn is perfect for the "Perfect Slouch Hat" and Knit Collage has gorgeous patterns on Ravelry.  Find these in store: 

 The "Necks Big Thing" can be made with 1 skein of Cast Away.

The "Sunwoven Sweater" uses 3-4 skeins of mixed Cast Away.

The "Modern Earflap hat" takes  just 2 skeins of Cast Away.

The "Cozy Cast Away wrap" uses 3 skeins of Cast Away.


All patterns available on Ravelry or the Knit Collage website.

Length: Approx. 68-70 yds (62-64m)

Yarn Weight: 100g

Content: 100% Wool or 99% Wool, 1% Poly (for the sparkly fibers)

Gauge: About 2-4 stitches per inch

Suggested needle size: US 11-15 (8-10mm)

Washing instructions: Gently hand wash and lay flat to dry