Barbara Walker Knitting Books

$ 32.00

Barbara Walker's series of knitting books are the hallmark of classic encyclopedic knitting references.  Includes illustrations and directions for each pattern.  These volumes are invaluable resources for beginning knitters and designers alike!

The first Treasury of Stitch Patterns introduces us to hundreds of traditional patterns for Knit-Purl combinations, Ribbing, Color-Change, Slip Stitch, Twist Stitch, Lace, Cables and more and includes information on the origins of knitting.

The Second Treasury of Stitch Patterns is even larger than the First! Barbara returns with hundreds more exciting and inspirational patterns, clearly organized in useful categories such as: Edgings, Lace, Cables, Twist-stitch, Color patterns, Texture patterns and many more. She has even included a section on ‘Adapting Patterns for Circular Knitting.'

In Charted Knitting Designs:  A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns, Barbara returns with hundreds of new patterns - this time with charts! The patterns are mostly original designs by Barbara Walker, some of them knitted by unusual methods that combine standard knitting techniques to create new types of fabrics. It also includes extensive chapters on Textured Fabrics, Twist Stitch Patterns, Cables, Lace, Mosaic and Color, plus a useful section entitled “How to Read Charts” and an accompanying complete list of symbols.

The Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns contains more inspiration, patterns and techniques from the legendary author. It combines 82 newly-invented stitch patterns in Knit, Purl and Texture, Cables and Traveling Stitches, Lace and more, and includes a reprint of Walker’s Sampler Knitting including stitch patterns for Basic Shapes in Garter Stitch, Mosaic, Lace and Cable Samplers.