"Move the Needle" book by Shelley Brander

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Learn how to make your big, impossible dreams a reality with help from our own creative entrepreneur who's turned her passion into a global force.

People always ask Shelley Brander what possessed her to leave the successful advertising firm she founded with her husband to open a local yarn store. And then they wonder how that one storefront grew into an e-commerce business, and from there into a global movement to Knit the World Together.

In Move the Needle, Shelley shares stories from her life to show that you can pursue your life's passions--both personal and professional--no matter how quirky or impossible they may seem to everyone around you.

Here's what some early readers have said:

"What a book! This is a must read for 2021 - set your vision and get ready to move in that direction. Full of inspiration. I’m ready now.” - Cheryl V.

"Move the Needle is part personal reflection and part call to action. She distills clear lessons from the challenges she faced as a creative, an entrepreneur, a partner, a parent, and a person, showing her ability to gain perspective from the deeply personal struggles and showcase some key actions that could help someone facing challenges in making a dream a reality". - JuliAnne D.

"I typically do not read non-fiction but I was drawn to this book "Move the Needle" and so thankful I read it. Shelley shares so openly her life story. We need to listen to those voices in our head and see failure as an opportunity to grow. Her love of knitting and realizing that kindness goes a long way is truly an inspiration." - Peggy C.

"It was so powerful to read about someone who has achieved success by following a value system that aligns with mine, and by believing that anything was possible. I’ve always trusted by gut and followed the beat of my different drummer when it comes to my art and business, and to read someone encouraging me to trust my path was inspiring. Everyone should read this book – it isn’t just a book on how to be successful in business, it is a book on how to be successful at life.” - Nina D.

“After finishing Move the Needle: Yarns from an Unlikely Entrepreneur by Shelley Brander, I feel empowered. Never has an author captured with such authenticity the challenges, tips and tools for moving from ‘hobby to jobby’ and turning ‘can’t into can.’ A must read for every woman who’s been told her dream or idea is impossible.” – Susan H.

“I felt like I had spent hours with a friend listening to her life story and struggles. It helped me put my life into perspective. I woke up with the realization that I was that needle that needed moving. I felt empowered, inspired and creative. I haven’t felt that way in a long time.” – Dina B.

“I have to admit that through the many stressors of 2020, I have been surviving and not thriving. “Move the Needle” gave me a much needed nudge forward. Rather than a hard-hitting make-your-life-better-now approach, through heartfelt storytelling, Brander encourages readers to identify their own “zone of genius” and keep moving. The book arrived at the perfect time to remind me that being physically distant from friends, family and mentors doesn’t need to result in a shutdown of creativity, motivation or goals. I feel inspired to reconnect with my stagnating sense of purpose!” – Jennifer M.