Knitter's Pride Mindful Collection Lace 40-inch Circular Needles

$ 9.97 Regular price $ 19.95

These Mindful Collection circular needles are manufactured from smooth, durable, environmentally friendly stainless steel. The flexible cords have stainless steel cores coated with nylon, so they have zero memory - that means no kinks or twists, while allowing your stitches to slide easily. They are also marked at one inch intervals so you'll never have to worry about forgetting your tape measure!

These needle tips are 5 inches. Inspirational words such as Imagine, Believe, and Focus are laser-printed on each needle. These needles are a treat for your eyes and your hands! And as a special bonus, each circular needle is offered with its own charm, a sterling silver plated metal marker that comes as a gift with every needle.