Bojagi Shawl by Knitboops Designs

This is a shawl with a beautiful meaning, as explained by designer, Yu Ra of Knitboop Designs:

“Bojagi” (보자기) is the Korean word for a square, fabric wrapper. These wrappers were traditionally used to carry all sorts of things, from lunchboxes to dowry boxes. Nowadays, they are used to ornately wrap important gifts, with special care given to the embroidery and tying technique. The lace motif of this shawl is based on the most traditional tying technique, in which the corners are tied together like a small flower.

This is the third shawl featured in our Capsule Collection dyed exclusively for us by Rachelle of Moondrake Fibers. It features her newest fiber blend of merino and linen.  With the unique lace motif and some easy mosaic colorwork, you are going to have so much fun whipping this up!

Kit Contents: 1 each of 2 colors of Merino Linen by Moondrake (393 yards of 90% merino and 10% linen per skein)

Recommended needle size: 7

Pattern: Bojagi shawl by Knitboop designs, available free on Ravelry. As this generous designer shares on her Ravelry page: "For the time being, all of my designs are offered for free. I am fortunate enough to be able to design primarily as a creative outlet and hobby, and I believe that everybody should be able to craft beautiful items for themselves. But if you feel like you want to tip me, I do have a ko-fi account where you can buy me a coffee! Ko-fi’s are always appreciated but never expected."