Heart Day Hat

We love these adorable hats made in our favorite bulky yarns from Knit Collage. Whip them up over the weekend, using US 13 and 15 needles! 

One kit makes both hats (although, depending on your pompom size, you may not have enough for a pom for both hats - great excuse to add a furry one from your collection!). Each hat features an ultra-simple motif. This is a perfect first stranded knitting project! One hat also has some simple crocheted edging - a great way to learn this technique, as well. If you're a LoopsClub TOGETHER member, we'll have tutorials coming up for you soon!

The hat is available in two colorways, Love Sierra and Oatmeal Ochre. Love Sierra is made from Knit Collage Wildflower and Spun Cloud; Oatmeal Ochre is made from Knit Collage Wildflower and Sister.



Love Sierra
Oatmeal Ochre

Collections: new loot!

Type: Yarn - Bulky - Indie Dyer