AMANO Burgundy Vicuña Box

$ 499.99

Vicuña is legendary. On our epic journey through the Peruvian landscape, we chanced upon a "Zona de Vicunas," where we spent time watching these amazing, undomesticated relatives of the alpaca. The vicuña is highly protected in Peru, and the animals must be carefully corralled under very specific conditions, in order to brush or gently shear them to create this very precious fiber.

Vicuña is considered the most luxurious fiber in the world, due to its softness and high quality. The animal only produces small amounts of extremely fine wool, due to the fact that it can only be shorn every three years. When knitted together, the Vicuña’s wool is very soft and warm. The high value of the Vicuña’s fiber dates back to ancient times, where it was considered a symbol of nobility and the fibers were only woven by the “Virgins of the Sun." In fact, for the Incas it was considered against the law for anyone but royalty to wear Vicuña garments. While in Peru, we saw a vicuña cape with a price tag of $25,000!

The AMANO Vicuña Box is a combination of the finest woodworking craftsmanship housing the finest fiber in the world. The natural golden palette of the vicuña fiber here is dyed to a deep burgundy, offering a brand new color which deepens and adds intrigue to the vicuña story. 

Your order will contain:

  • A natural wooden box made by Peruvian artisans – a luxurious way to present the finest fiber in the world. Each box is marked with an individual number. 
  • 2 balls of the "gold of the Andes" - Vicuña yarn.
  • Certificate of Originality.
  • Printed Burgundy Mitts pattern. 


"Sophie Scarf" by PetiteKnit @petiteknit

Worked back and forth from tip to tip in simple garter stitch on US 4 (3.5mm) needles  with an easy, built-in i-cord edge, the Sophie Scarf is an accessory you'll reach for again and again. Whether you dress it up or down, you'll delight in the luxurious softness of your Vicuña scarf!

The Sophie Scarf pattern by PetiteKnit is available for purchase on Ravelry.


Fiber: 100% Vicuña
Weight/Length: 50 grams, 164 yds (150m) total; 25 grams, 82 yds (75m) per skein
Gauge/Needle Size: 22-24 sts = 4 inches (10cm) on US 4-6 (3.5-4.0mm) needles
Care: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.