Kollage Square Soft Cable 32-inch Circular Needles

Kollage Square™ needles are perfect for knitters who have arthritis, carpal tunnel or stiffness in their wrists and fingers and are designed to decrease pain and tension for those who love to knit. Even if you’re not currently experiencing hand or wrist pain, it’s worth treating them right by selecting needles and tools that minimize tension and stress. As a knitter, your hands are your most valuable tool!

A square needle decreases contact stress by giving your fingers a flat surface to rest on while knitting. This is different from a traditionally-shaped round needle, which forces your fingers to rest on a smaller, convex-shaped surface area. The tension caused by a round needle can result in poor circulation and impaired nerves. Eliminating or reducing contact tension (by using a Square™ needle) can significantly reduce pain.

The unique soft cable is buttery soft… you might even call it floppy which makes it a favorite for knitting with the magic loop technique.


Collections: needles, tools

Type: Needles & Hooks

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