Amano Yana

$ 38.99

Yana in Quechua (native language of the Incas) means “black”, because we believe that our black sheep definitely stands out from the herd. Yana is 100% hand-sorted in 21.5 micron mountain wool, and it’s pure joy in a single yarn.

Offering a bold visual accompaniment to Peruvian textiles that have been woven into wool in Peru’s highlands for centuries, Yana has evolved in pop tones along with a neutral palette. 

We love a chunky, quick knitting yarn-perfect for the fall/winter season.  This yarn is great for a "Necks Big Thing"-our super fast and gift-worthy Loops design. Just one skein of Yana and less than an hour of knitting and you are done! Add a note to your order and we will send you a copy of the pattern at no charge.

100% Fine Highland Wool

Weight 200 gr. | Approx. 175 yd. / 160 m. | Needle size 10.5 US