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• The 90-Day Loops Love Stash Challenge Workbook download

• Access to our private Loops Love Challenge Facebook group

• Four stash-busting patterns from Loops (in the Facebook group Files)

• Special concierge email address for support from the Loops Troops

• A new Challenge and Workbook every 90 days

• FREE shipping on for as long as you're a member!

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Just $15/month autocharge

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"Help! I'm trying to join but it says 'email already taken?"

If you've ever ordered from, you already have an account. So just click "sign in" at the top of your window, log in and then purchase/join the movement.

"How long until I get the email with all the good stuff?"

Within 30 minutes of joining, you should get an email with links to your workbook and Facebook group. If you don't receive that email, please check to be sure your first payment went through, then your spam, junk and promotions files. If you still don't have it, email and we'll send it to you :)