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Flash Sale - 3 Days Only: Get Knit Stars Masterclass Season 5 “Together” - our most collaborative and uplifting Season yet!

Do you have Season 5 “Together” in your Knit Stars library yet?

Season 5 is filled with inspiration, positive connection and FUN. Filmed in 4 countries, on 3 different continents, you’ll be transported across the globe as you connect with 10 of your favorite Stars to Knit the World Together!

Meet your newest fiber friends!

Get ready for a life-changing adventure as you virtually visit your 10 new friends in their homes, where they share their love of fiber and their own mastery of knitting techniques.


a.k.a. @ggmadeit, iconic goddess of orange, teaches you Sustainable Growth: Finding your own voice through authenticity, consistency, and vulnerability. This is a masterclass for anyone looking to grow their fiber business OR to simply live their life – and their knitting journey – with more purpose.


Learn the art of knitting beautiful top-down sweaters with Åsa’s signature, seamless Ziggurat method. You’ll quickly discover why her in-person classes are always among the first to sell out! And you’ll feel like you’re traveling right along with us to her home in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Welcome to Tatiana’s world of holistic knitting: creativity, natural color and mindfulness. From her hometown in Mallorca, Tatiana teaches how to dye your own yarn with plants. There’s even a module with guest yoga teacher, Mirjam Wagner. You’re sure to feel relaxed, renewed and energized after this workshop.


Knitwear designer and coach, Francoise, will inspire you to manifest Aroha, one stitch at a time. Francoise will show you how to find your own unique point of view and transform it into your own design, from sketch, yarn selection and stitch pattern all the way through to physical manifestation – pattern writing, photography and publishing!


Free your inner artist with Tina’s Home Sweet Home formula – a fresh approach to freestyle modular knitting. You’ll learn everything from considering different types of shapes and planning your design, to construction and finishing, to styling. It’s an especially great technique for those
variegated skeins!


Do you struggle with fit? “Make It Fit” will empower you to get the perfect fit, every time. Learn to perfect your gauge, read a schematic and make your own schematic, get comfortable with the math and end up with a gorgeous hat that fits your head just right. Then apply the concepts and your newfound confidence to everything you make in the future!


This groundbreaking workshop on Body Positive Knitting will help you cultivate a knitting practice that truly honors your body. Learn the proper way to take your own measurements, really understand ease, and make meaningful adjustments in the details that make all the difference – bicep, bust darts, sleeve decreases and more.


Presenting our first workshop on plant-based fibers! Learn all about cotton and linen yarns, what designs are most successful with plant-based fibers, and how to adapt patterns that call for animal fibers to the plant-based yarns you wish to use. You’re sure to be inspired by Yumi’s fashion sense and bold jewelry choices.


Do Japanese charts feel impossible to you right now? Gayle makes the “impossible” possible with her workshop on Japanese lace! She’ll provide history and context, teach you the basic symbols, warm you up with a starter chart, and help you move into making a pair of gorgeous fingerless mitts. From there you can take on any project from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible.


As a special bonus, head to Kyoto, Japan with the Knit Stars crew to meet Meri Tanaka and enjoy a bonus workshop on the making of Amirisu magazine!

Hi! I’m Shelley Brander, founder of Knit Stars.

I know how it can feel to be alone in your creative passion. For my first few decades as a knitter, I was on my own! When, at age 35, I pivoted from my broadcast production career and opened a local yarn store, I saw firsthand how one great teacher can truly change your knitting life.

I created Knit Stars to bring the best teaching to knitters around the globe. I used to be afraid to fly (!!!) But now I travel to remote locations around the world, taking you directly into the homes and studios of the most brilliant designers and difference-makers.

Now in its 7th year, Knit Stars has become a learning platform like no other. One that gives us all a place to grow - in confidence and connection.

I personally invite you to join us. Wherever you are in your journey, you truly deserve the Knit Stars Masterclass experience. You and your creativity are worth it!


Watch this short compilation from Knit Stars Masterclass Seasons 1-7 to get a feel for what you’re about to experience!

Here’s a quick peek at just some of what you’ll learn in Season 5: Knit the World Together!

💫 Åsa Söderman - Top Down Sweaters with the Ziggurat Method

💫 Francoise Danoy - Designing your first Pattern

💫 Gaye "GG" Glasspie - Finding your Authentic Voice

💫 Gayle Roehm - Exploring Beautiful Japanese Stitches from Charts

💫 Jacqueline Cieslak - Body Positive Knitting

💫 Tatiana Sarasa - Holistic Knitting and Plant-Based Dyeing

💫 Tian Connaughton - How to get the Perfect Fit every Time

💫 Tina Tse - Creating with Freestyle Modular Knitting

💫 Yumiko Alexander - Working with Plant based Fibers

💫 Meri Tanaka - the Making of Amirisu Magazine


40 show-stopping original patterns from the Stars, plus a full supply list so you can “shop” your own stash.

More than 40 patterns included in this Season (a record number for Knit Stars!), along with a supply list so you can “shop” your own stash, LYS or favorite indie dyers and make your own one-of-a-kind creations!

Exclusive access to the Knit Stars: Together Marketplace. Order optional hand-dyed yarns and kits custom-curated for Knit Stars Season 5 owners.

Nearly two full hours of highly entertaining recorded Question and Answer sessions with the Stars – if you have a question, it’s probably asked (and answered!) here.

As a special bonus, head to Kyoto, Japan with the Knit Stars crew to meet Meri Tanaka and enjoy a bonus workshop on the making of Amirisu magazine!

Masterclass Season 5: Together is on sale for 3 days only!

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