Amano Vicuña Box

If you're looking for the knitting treat of a lifetime, this is your moment! The Amano Vicuña Box is a combination of the finest woodworking craftsmanship housing the finest fiber in the world.  90% of the world's population of Vicuña live in the Peruvian Andes where they are sheared once every three years to gather their gold-colored fibers. The fibers are sorted and dehaired entirely by hand and have only recently been made available for hand-knitting. 

The handcrafted natural wooden limited-edition box houses a pattern for a simple, elegant cowl...the story of the Vicuña...certificate of authenticity...and, of course, two delectable skeins of natural-colored Vicuña.   

We may be the only ones crazy enough to offer these...but we fiber enthusiasts are crazy that way! Last year, we had 10 boxes and they sold out in a week. This year, we had to wait an extra 6 months for them to clear the Peruvian government...and we only have 14 to offer. 

As the gold-foil label says, it's "A Gift from the Gods."

Mother's Day? Birthday? Un-birthday? 

Like we said, this is your moment - whatever day it may be!

Collections: featured yarns, new loot!

Type: Gifts

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