ChiaoGoo T-SPIN™ Tunisian Interchangeable Set

$ 158.00

ChiaoGoo's Bamboo Tunisian interchangeable set comes with the following: 11 5.7” (14.5cm) hooks in sizes E/4 (3.5mm) through N/15 (10mm), including size 7 (4.5mm).  It also includes 4 TWIST™ [S] red cables (two 8″/20cm, one 14″/35cm and one 22″/55cm); 4 end stoppers, 4 adapters, 2 connectors, tightening keys and a needle gauge; All components fit nicely into a zippered fabric case.

The hooks are made of Moso bamboo and have a pointy head to get into your stitches and a stainless steel join.  The size is permanently laser marked on each hook.  Size I (5.5 mm) and larger hooks will fit the [S] cables with the use of an adapter. Compatible with ChiaoGoo  SPIN™ cables.