Field Guides by Mason-Dixon Knitting

Ann Shayne and Kaye Gardiner of Mason-Dixon Knitting have assembled this mesmerizing collection of knitting books that explore the many aspects of creative knitting.  Each collection includes patterns, essays, tips and tricks from noted designers and includes a download code for a digital version in addition to your hard copy.  Sweet!  Each edition is approximately 40 pages and measures 5.5" x 7.5".

  • Field Guide No. 10 Downtown explores the creative world of Isabell Kramer with two incredible pullovers and a set of cowls.
  • Field Guide No. 1 Stripes explores stripes and their uses and execution. Includes Station Wagon Blanket by Mary Jane Mucklestone, Squad Mitts by Ann Weaver, and Breton Cowl by Antonia Shankland.
  • Field Guide No. 2 Fair Isle explores stranded colorwork with patterns from Veronik Avery, Michèle Rose Orne and Ann Budd.
  • Field Guide No. 3 Wild Yarns celebrates and informs on the beauty of hand-dyed yarns featuring patterns from Dianna Walla, Kirsten Kapur and Sue McCain.
  • Field Guide No. 4 Log Cabin explores log cabin knitting with a washcloth, blanket and shawl pattern by Ann Weaver.
  • Field Guide No. 5 Sequences explores knit-purl combinations by Cecilia Campochiaro, the queen of sequence kniting.
  • Field Guide No. 6 Transparency explores the airy transparency you can achieve with your knitting with 4 projects by Amy Christoffers (baby sweater, shawl, scarf/cowl and Shakerag Top).
  • Field Guide No. 7 Ease features four breezy take-along projects by Julia Farwell-Clay (poncho, shawl, blanket, Bohdi Leaf washcloth).
  • Field Guide No. 8 Merry Making includes 5 fun projects by Thea Colman that are perfect for gift-giving (mitts, hats, coasters, and a cowl).
  • Field Guide No. 9 Revolution explores interchangable cable patterns with exciting designs by Norah Gaughan (capelet, beret, pullover, cardigan).
No. 10 Downtown
No. 1 Stripes
No. 2 Fair Isle
No. 3 Wild Yarns
No. 4 Log Cabin
No. 5 Sequences
No. 6 Transparency
No. 7 Ease
No. 8 Merry Making
No. 9 Revolution

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