Melanated Boho Bae Rambouillet Roving and Yarn for Lauren McElroy

$ 59.00

The yarnstory:
Lauren is bringing you a Knit Stars first: A workshop in drop spindle/spinning!

Lauren will walk you through a process called plying. She will show you how to combine the spun yarn you have created using the drop spindle technique with the second skein of bulky “MP” yarn, creating your very own - unique to you - yarn to be used in her cowl design!

The yarn:  
Roving is a bundle of fiber produced during the process of making spun yarn from wool. There are many steps to creating yarn, but two of the most important are collecting in raw form, cleaning, and combing out with a carding machine until the fibers are lying in an excellent direction. Then, the roving is spun, either with a machine or, in this case, a drop spindle and voila! 

The Spindle: 
The Lacis drop spindle is a beautifully finished hardwood spindle with a 4.5-inch whorl and 12-inch spindle weighing 5-ounces. The weight of the spindle greatly affects the gauge of the fiber you can produce. Being a lightweight spindle, this basic wooden drop spindle will produce a more delicate fiber!

Purchase the Drop Spindle here!

Kit Description: 
Kit contains 1 braid of “MP Sunset” roving and 1 skein of “MP” yarn 

Fiber: Roving 100% Rambouillet, Yarn 100% Superwash Merino
Length: Roving N/A; Yarn 109 yds (100m)
Weight: Roving 4 oz (113g); Yarn 100 grams
Care: Hand wash gently, lay flat to dry.



When you spend $250 or more on a single purchase, you will receive one Knit Stars “Texture and Wonder” Collectable enamel pin*. 

Please note that this is a pre-order. Your yarn will be hand-dyed to order and will arrive in the fall before the first Season 7 workshop is released. Pre-order items are not eligible for returns. Coupons/discounts cannot be used on Season 7 kit purchases. 

*One pin per order