Quince Sparrow

Sparrow is beautiful in its simplicity. Its clean, smooth hand is crisp as you knit it. But after washing, it becomes handkerchief soft.  Spun in Italy from organic linen grown in Belgium. 

Sweaters shown are all made in Sparrow.
Lacy cardigan: Lizzie by Georgie Nicolson (I used 8 skeins Sparrow "Frond" for size 36")
Sweatshirt-style pullover with raised seams: EasyLine by Judith Brien (I used 7 skeins Sparrow "Conch" for 2nd size)
Striped pullover: Westbourne by Isabell Kraemer (I used 7 skeins Sparrow "Truffle" and 2 skeins Eleuthera for size M1)

Fingering weight

168 yds/50 g

6 sts/inch on recommended needle size US 3.

Sparrow 255 Mineral
Sparrow 254 Mica
Sparrow 253 Surf
Sparrow 252 Frond
Sparrow 251 Conch
Sparrow 258 Rosa Mundi
Sparrow 257 Rille
Sparrow 256 Sea Salt
Sparrow 200 Sans
Sparrow 211 Truffle
Sparrow 214 Eleuthera
Sparrow 207 Port
Sparrow 222 Moon
Sparrow 209 Pigeon
Sparrow 217 Pink Grapefruit
Sparrow 220 Fundi


Type: Yarn - Sock