Knit Stars Season 9 Earlybird

$ 297.00

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There’s nothing like a Knit Stars Masterclass Event! Each Star’s workshop kicks off with an intimate “yarnstory” followed by beautifully-shot instructional videos that will open new worlds for any yarn lover - beginner to advanced.

This year, when you purchase Season 9 at the discounted Earlybird price, you'll receive the NEW "Earlybird Experience" free! This additional bonus product will appear in your library and will let you follow along the Season 9 production journey with fun behind the scenes, updates from Shelley, announcements when some workshops early-release, and more! Plus as an Earlybird you'll get to shop the special Earlybird yarn/kit/bag sale!

Season 9: Permission to Shine includes Masterclasses with: 

Carol Feller ☀️Celtic Cable Deep Dive: With a Reversible Twist!
Hazel Tindall ☀️ Traditional Shetland: Colorwork Cushion with Lace Edging
Gudrun Johnston ☀️ Modern Shetland: A Current Take on Lace, Colorwork and Shetland Wool.
Emma Fassio ☀️ One Sweater Ten Ways: Make it Modern, Make it Yours!Thomas Gregory Hamilton ☀️ Crochet Runway: Fashion-Forward Stitches to Elevate Any Project
Chantal Miyagishima ☀️ - Designing Garments 101: How to design, grade and sell your first sweater pattern.
Gary Boston ☀️ Share your Shine: How to be a Craftivist (with bonus on self-striping yarns)
Carolyn Bloom ☀️ Pretty, Practical, and Personal: Embroidering on Crochet
ChiWei Ranck ☀️ Amagurumi: Size - I mean, Yarn - Matters!
Willie Smith ☀️ Yarn Freedom: Successful Substitution


*Season 9: Permission to Shine will debut fully in late Fall with some workshops releasing early, one month at a time, beginning in July.